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About Bhonsala Adventure Foundation (B. A. F.)

Bhonsala Adventure Foundation was established on 28th January 1994 at Nashik by the Central Hindu Military Education Society to inculcate the spirit of adventure in the youths of the country. The foundation conducts multifarious adventure activities of varying duration throughout the year.

Bhonsala Adventure Foundation is a premier Adventure training institute of Maharashtra. The youngsters are getting involved in this institute in big number; this is a unique Adventure Institute by itself.

The foundation has most modern equipments required for carrying out adventure courses and has also planned to procure more sophisticated equipments for aero sports and water sports.

And presently BAF's Multi Adventure activities are organised under the leadership of trained and experienced course Co-ordinator & Chief Instructors.

Our Aim

  • To inculcate the spirit of leadership and adventure in youths through various out bound adventure activities.
  • To Promote and popularise outdoor adventure activities.
  • To develop basic character qualities and personality.
  • To introduce youths to the flora and fauna of our region.
  • To undertake activities for preservation of environmental balance.
  • To create a scientific approach towards adventure activities.
  • To interact with likeminded institution / clubs / individuals.