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Bhonsala Adventure Foundation    04-Dec-2019
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About C.H.M.E. Society

The Central Hindu Military Education Society was established in 1935 by Dharmveer Dr. Balkrishna Shivram Moonje, a great philanthropist, brave freedom fighter and the pioneer of Military Education in India. Dr. B. S. Moonje was a firm believer of Indianization of armed forces during the British rule and indispensability of Military Training to Indian youth. The society has a well-developed infrastructure with 165 acres of land in the heart of the holy city of Nashik. The prestigious campus is renowned as “Rambhoomi” and is adored for its discipline and quality education, all over India. The C.H.M.E. Society has a long tradition of Value System and Military Education. Today, C.H.M.E. Society runs a number of institutions imparting quality education right from K.G to Ph.D.
About Bhonsala Adventure Foundation

Bhonsala Adventure Foundation was established on 28th January 1994 at Nashik by the Central Hindu Military Education Society to inculcate the spirit of adventure in the youth of the Nation. It is a premier Adventure training institute of Maharashtra. More and More youngsters are getting involved in this institute on a broad scale. The foundation conducts multifarious adventure sport activities of varying duration throughout the year.
Major General Anant V. Natu PVSM, MVC (Retd) was initially the Chief Advisor and Promoter of the foundation. Brigadier A. M. Warty, VSM (Retd.) was the first Chairman of the foundation. Renowned Everest Leader Mr. Hrishikesh Yadav is also a part of our team and is a member of the working committee of C.H.M.E. Society as well as Chairman of Bhonsala Adventure Foundation and Mr. Shital Deshpande is the Parent of the Bhonsala Adventure Foundation.
The foundation boasts of modern equipment required for carrying out adventure sport courses and has also planned to procure more advanced equipment for aero sports and water sports.

The hallmarks of our foundation are our skilled and trained instructors. The instructors have obtained training from renowned authorized national level institutions.

Our Aim

  1. To inculcate the spirit of leadership and adventure in youth.
  2. To promote and popularize outdoor adventure activities.
  3. To develop basic character qualities and personality.
  4. To introduce youth to the flora and fauna of our region.
  5. To undertake activities for preservation of environmental balance.
  6. To create a scientific approach towards adventure activitie

Our contribution

Bhonsala Adventure Foundation trained more than 30,450+ Adventure Sports / Camp aspirants in the last 28+ Years.

Our Scope

Different Adventure Sports Activities that we conduct are
1. Mountaineering Sports - Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Burma Bridge, Valley Crossing, High Rope Activities, Jummaring, Trekking, Zipline
2. Climbing on Artificial Climbing Wall
3. Water Sports - Water Rafting, Kayaking
4. Aero Sports - Parasailing
5. Rifle Shooting
6. Map Reading
7. Management Games
Our view
Sahyadri Mountain Range has unique identity as, it is attached with glorious history of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. His capital was Raigad Fort, which is part of Sahyadri Mountain Range, through which, his empire was built.

Sahyadri ranges has it’s own place in terms of biodiversity through wide range of species diversity, 4500 plant species out of which 35 percent are endemic. It has outstanding universal value, which is recognized by UNESCO.

To create its awareness and to involve maximum people of multiple age groups, we are arranging relevant treks & camps. This project will help us to reach to more number of people and train them while introducing rural culture being followed by multiple tribes living in such mountain ranges.
Our Social Contribution:

We are giving training to the Disaster Management team members for Mountain and Water rescue operations.

We have our own rescue team, which has worked with the District Disaster Management Authority, Nashik. In multiple rescue operations we have saved many people from Godavari & Darna river floods as well as mountain accidents.

Also, one of our key strengths is our ability to contribute to society. Whenever some mishap happens in Sahyadri Mountain in Nashik districtthen our team gets callfor the rescue. In last few years, whenNashik City get affected by flood, then to evacuate, to provide support and to help flood affected people Bhonsala Adventure Foundation team contributes along with District Disaster Management Authority Nashik with required equipment and boats.

People in North Maharashtra are especially lagging behind in Adventure sport. We organise such programmes to create awareness amongst them.

Technical Expertise and Experience of Bhonsala Adventure Foundation of CHME Nashik –

  1. Bhonsala Adventure Foundation (BAF) is part of CHME Nashik, a registered charitable military educational institute.
  2. BAF has well established office at Nashik with experience staff on payroll to manage the administration of office.
  3. BAF is organizing Land, Water and Air Adventure sports programmes since 1994 (29 yrs). BAF has conducted more than 651 programmes (including Trekking, Rock-Climbing, Himalay Treks, Summer Camps, Educational Outdoor programmes, Nature Study programmes, treks for physically challenged students, rafting, parasailing, cycling, disaster management programmes, rescue operations, etc.) with more than 30,490 participants till date.
  4. BAF has experience of more than 25 years of organizing trekking and mountaineering programmes in Sahyadri and Himalay.
  5. BAF has sufficient quantity of mountaineering equipment required for imparting training to the minimum group of 40 members at a time.
  6. BAF, at present, has 4 instructors on payroll and 3 instructors on daily basis, having completed ‘Method of Instructor’ course in mountaineering from recognize national mountaineering institute. They have experience of more than 10 years of field training. Also have 6 experience instructors on daily basis having completed ‘Basic and Advance’ courses in mountaineering from recognize national mountaineering institute.
  7. BAF is organizing rafting courses for more than 25 years. At present, BAF has 5 instructors having completed ‘Basic and Intermediate’ white water rafting course from recognize national institute in white water rafting. They have experience of more than 10 years of field training in rafting. BAF also have 2 rafts of international standard by NRS, USA and 1 rescue raft of Indian standard.
  8. BAF has contributed in rescue operations in mountains and in water. BAF has participated in many rescue operations during flood in Godavari river in past. The instructors of BAF have been called many times by the Nashik District Disaster Management Authority for performing rescue operation in flood or accident in water. BAF has received letter of appreciation from Nashik District Disaster Management Authority for this services.
  9. BAF has organized Sailing expedition from Ratnagiri to Sindhudurg in 2012.
  10. BAF has organized rafting camps many times for the Air Force Station Borgad, Nashik.
  11. BAF is organizing Parasailing programmes for more than 25 years. At present Parasailing programmes are conducted by the instructor of BAF under the guidance of 3 ex-servicemen Para Commando having served in Military Parachute Regiment who are on payroll f C.H.M.E. Society’s Bhonsala Military School. BAF has 3 Parachute of international standard manufactured by Ordinance Parachute Factory Kanpur. BAF also have Thar Jeep to facilitate this activity.
  12. To create awareness about Air Adventure Sport, BAF participated in Paragliding expedition organized by three European Paragliding Instructors around Nashik and Igatpuri mountain range in 1997. They did flying from different hilly locations around Nashik and finally took over the first ever flight from Kalsubai Peak, the highest peak in Sahyadri.
  13. BAF, in association with District Sports Office, Nashik has conducted Adventure Sports Training Courses at Anjaneri Trekking Institute Nashik for students. BAF has conducted 11 such programmes during Sept-2019 to Jan-2020, in which total 445 students participated.
  14. BAF has organized Outdoor Educational Training programmes for students of 4th to 10th Standard, based on their syllabus. In 2019-20 and 2022-23 BAF has conducted 103 programmes in which 6,101 students participated.
  15. BAF has 4 instructors having completed course of Civil Defense including Disaster Management and having field training experience of more than 5 years.
  16. BAF has conducted Disaster management Demonstration at Collector office Nashik in 2020 for the government staff.
  17. BAF has organized first ever expedition of Horse Riders Team of Bhonsala Military School from Nashik to Raigad Fort through old mountainous path in 2012.





Shri. Rushikesh Yadav


Shri. Shital Deshpande


Dr. Milind Pimparikar


Dr. Rajendra Nehate


Shri. Santosh Jagtap

Instructor Representative

Shri. Santosh Vable


Mrs. Ashiwini Birar